How to stop Google Calendar spam

About a week ago I got a very strange notification on my phone. It was in Russian and it went as follows:

 ⚡ ВАМ ДОСТУПЕН ДЕНЕЖНЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД ⚡ Перевод подготовлен к отправке на Ваши реквизиты. ВАШ ПЕРЕВОД ➡ ✅…

According to Google translate, it regards a financial trasnaction that awaits me in the URL. For the love of the internet I did not click that link.

The spammy calendar event

Just delete it

No good. I tried deleting it, but it kept coming back.

_ add mask gif here_

Another option tried was to “Mark as spam” but that is no good either, as the send keeps using new addresses to generate the mass invite.


I have written a small script that loops through all my future Google Calendar events. If an event contains the wording from the spam message it gets deleted. That’s it.

I run this script every hour and not spam seen ever since.

Can I try it?

Be my guest. The code snippet appears below. Feel free to use it and support the git.